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Renew-CreteŽ Plastiform Concrete Forms
Plastiform is not a new product, it has been around for 14 years and we still have companies using the first forms we ever made! Thousands of contractors have switched to Plastiform since it's invention and have saved thousands in forming material costs!

How to save money with Plastic Forms

Plastic forms bend!

Radius Work-
Add some pizzazz to your jobs
with smooth curves and tight radiuses. Unlike wood which will tend to bend more at weak spots, Plastiform bends smoothly to give you perfect radius turns every time.
(Minimum Bend:2x4=3ft)
(Minimum Bend:2x6=4ft) 

 Plastic Concrete Forms

Steel forms are heavy!

All Angle Corners-
One piece corners make it simple to make perfect corners every time!
Use to make inside or outside corners. 

Camlocks are universal


Straight Work-
Do radiuses one day and straight work the next! With Plastiform versatility and ease of use is the key. One forms does both the radius work and the straight work. Free some room on your truck and free up your pocketbook.

Straight forming 

Curb & Gutter Forms 

Curb & Gutter Work-
Monolithic curb and gutter or decorative work. When hand formed curb & gutters is what you do, you will appreciate the Lightweight Plastiform for the speed and ease of use. Great for all types of curb and come in around 1/10 the weight of most steel forms.

 F style curb forms

 12" Forms

Be Innovative-
Stack them 2 or 3 high, or cut them to form some stairs. Plastiform is as versatile as as it is durable. If you can imagine it Plastiform can probably achieve it!

 Stair Forms

Steel Stakes, Flat Stakes, Round Stakes!

Camlock Clamps-Fit Most size Stakes! Made from durable nylon
fiberglass. Camlocks support from 3/8" up to 3/4" wood, round and rebar stakes. They twist in anywhere to clamp the boards to the stakes. You could almost throw away your hammer.

 Fast Connecting

5 ways Plastiform saves you money!

1) Reusable for years!


How long do the forms last? We are not really sure but the manufacturer's warranty is for 2 years. Some crews still use 15 year old forms! These forms will pay for themselves over and over for years!

2) Lightweight!

At 1/3 the weight of wood your trucks and crews can carry much more. even a little truck can carry 1280ft of 2x4, and 640ft of 2x6!

3) Faster!


Here's what we've heard many times, "The first time my crew used the forms it took twice as long, but by the third use they were twice as fast!"

4) Quick Stripping!

5) Easy Cleaning!

Who uses Plastiform?

Pull your forms the same day.
"I like Plastiform because I can strip the forms after 4hrs instead of going back the next day"
-Ron Clausen CCC Construction Carroll IA

Silicon in the boards with normal form oil means less adhesion, "I just throw them on the ground - the boards bend and the concrete doesn't so it fly's off." Dennis Stamper Concrete San Diego CA

  • Patrick Air Force Base Cocoa, FL

  • US Navy Seabees Point Magoo, CA

  • Public Works Departments

  • Disneyland

  • Kennedy Space Center

  • Suzuki Corp. Japan

  • Thousands of others.


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