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Areas Covered

What You Get

Surface Preparation:

From start to finish probably the single most important part is surface preparation. Roughly 90% of all problems for applicators arise from an improperly prepared surface. We teach you how to do it right.

Crack Repair:

Random Cracks

A proven fact is that if you do not Properly Repair a crack in old concrete, It will come back. Our method of crack repair is Proven to be effective 95% of the time. Although we recommend that you not warranty cracks, the customer will appreciate you doing your best to eliminate them.


Covering these areas:

Stamped Concrete

1/4" Stamped Overlays

Spray / Texture

Step Facing and Vertical


Detailing is an important part of the finished product and we will teach you how to do it properly.

Honoring Joints

Detailing the stamp joints

Fixing imperfections

Antique & Seal:

This is where it becomes a form of art, matching the job to the customers expectations. We have a unique and versatile antique system that is as easy as it is versatile. You can easily antique the surface, and get the customers approval before you seal it. If they do not like the color they originally chose, simply wash it off and put on a different one!

Sealing is the final step, we make sure you know how to do it right. 

Hands on Experience:


 Exterior Stamped Concrete

The Renew-Crete Training seminar is geared towards giving you the knowledge and hands on experience you will need to successfully complete your first job or make your 1,000th job easier.

Proven Techniques

 Interior Stamped Overlay

Our techniques and products are field tested and proven. The information you gain at our seminars will save you time and money in the field. Our training staff has years of field knowledge in this industry, and can teach you what mistakes you need to avoid that will cost you time, unsatisfied customers, and money. Some contractors try to learn on their own, and eventually do, but, they lose thousands of dollars in the process from costly mistakes that could easily be avoided with some proper training. One job done properly can bring you 3-5 jobs by word of mouth advertising only, Imagine what 100 jobs done properly can bring you!

The Best Products On the Market

The Renew-CreteŽ product line is the highest quality, most advanced and easiest to use product line in the industry and we will prove it to you!

Free Technical Support

We offer free technical support to all of our customers from Highly Trained Personnel. Our technical support personnel are trained and well versed in field applications and problems that arise. 

Free Sample Boards


After the seminar is over you will receive finished sample boards of different patterns, applications, and colors. These are sample boards that you can use in shows as well as take to prospective clients to show. These sample boards will help you get jobs! And they are free!


Proven Marketing strategies and techniques that will help you build a profitable business fast. 

Your Seminar Money back!

That's right, we will even apply the cost of the seminar to any qualified order you place at the time of the seminar!

What You Won't Get
A High Pressure Sales Pitch:

We do not offer Franchise or Distributor packages that must be purchased to buy our products, like most other companies in this industry. We will not ask you to spend $15,000.00 to $50,000.00 for a so called franchise or distributorship (The right to buy our products). Companies that do this have no care for your success, just your money! There is nothing wrong with investing money in your new company, but we let you decide how much! 

When you succeed, We succeed


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