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Why Renew-Crete?


Renew-CreteŽ is a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing Renew-CreteŽ concrete restoration and resurfacing materials. Renew-CreteŽ products are manufactured using the highest quality materials with strict quality control. We manufacture user-friendly products that save our dealers time and money. Renew-CreteŽ Systems will supply you with personalized service and technical support that is unmatched in any industry. Your success is our number one priority.

 What is Renew-CreteŽ?

The Renew-CreteŽ System is a modified-cement based, alternative flooring and surface restoration system for new or existing concrete surfaces. Renew-CreteŽ can also be applied over many other surfaces, such as metal, wood, foam, terrazzo, cement block.

 These are the different types of Renew-CreteŽ Systems:

  Re-Coat System:                                

A system designed to restore existing old or damaged concrete surfaces to new. This can be done with either a broom finish or a troweled texture.

 Spray Coat System:                

A system designed to create a decorative finish on existing old or damaged concrete surfaces to new. This application uses colors, textures and patterns to create beautiful decorative finishes.  

  ź” Imprint System:                

A system designed to create a decorative finish on existing old or damaged concrete surfaces to new. Create a realistic look of stone, brick, slate or tile with the Renew-CreteŽ Imprinting System.

Concrete Imprint System:

A system designed to color and imprint patterns on freshly poured concrete to create a realistic look of stone, brick, slate or tile.   

Where can Renew-CreteŽ be used?

People are no longer satisfied with plain, stained or boring concrete surfaces, plain tile, and outrageous pricing on natural stone and slate. They are looking for new and innovative ideas that will architecturally enhance the beauty of their home or business. Renew-CreteŽ is just that, a simulated stone, slate or brick that looks so real, that even a professional mason would have a hard time telling the difference.

 Renew-CreteŽ is currently being used in all of the following areas:

Residential Homes - Malls - Industrial Parks - Theme Parks - Condominiums - Shopping Centers            Churches - Restaurants - Apartment Complexes - Retail Outlets - Casinos  - Vacation Resorts
Municipalities - Government - Hotels - Theatres

Why Choose the Renew-CreteŽ System?

Renew-CreteŽ dealers enjoy high profit margins with minimal investment. Unlike many of the business systems on the market today, the Renew-CreteŽ system is not a franchise. This means that you own your own business, and do not pay royalties on the money that you earn. The Renew-CreteŽ System will show you how to start and maintain a successful business in your area. Our proven methods and marketing strategies will show you how to generate a return on your investment. We have developed 4 levels of Dealership programs that can easily earn you Net Profits!

Renew-CreteŽ is a true 
user-friendly decorative concrete system.



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